Wednesday, July 3, 2013

XO Baking Company Mixes

While shopping in Homegoods one day I found a gluten free mix from XO baking I had never heard of them before, so I picked up a cookie and a brownie mix to try out. My brother is quite the brownie Connoisseur, so we rate mixes based on his opinion of the brownie mix. If their brownies pass the test, we'll probably like their other mixes as well.

Don't these look fabulous?
XO baking won us over as our new complete favorite mixes. Every time I'm near a Homegoods or Marshall's I have to stop and check out what mixes they have. I love their chocolate cake to make my holiday chocolate rum cake. Last summer we heard Meijer grocery stores would be carrying them as well. Now when we travel up to Michigan we stop and check out what different mixes we can get there as well.

I added mint M&M's to jazz them up for a New Years party

Since we were celebrating my brothers birthday the same day as the 2nd Stanley cup playoff game a couple weekends ago, and knowing the 1st game went into triple overtime and the last goal wasn't scored until midnight! I realized we needed something in addition to the cupcakes I was making. So I made sugar cookies as well. When I told my brother they were XO Baking he told he knew they would be awesome, no problems at all with the food addition.

I followed the instructions on the package and only lightly rolled them in sugar before putting them on the baking sheet, and then added sprinkles to the top. Who knew sprinkles would make my cookies so popular!! They were a hit with our non-gf friends, who did finally ask if they were gluten free, and told me they were awesome. (that was after about half of them had been devoured). I finished the plate off Monday after the game, they were still tasty. We tend to find some of the cookie mixes taste a bit grainy a couple days after they sit in the Tupperware. these held their consistency and flavor. they use coconut flour in their mix, which sometimes I feel you can taste, but I think it helps make this one stand out compared to other mixes.

These are the only ones I've noticed the coconut flavor with.

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