Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kabob's and mushrooms

With the 4th of July coming up quickly! Here's another quick and easy meal, well part of the quick and easy comes from getting skewers pre-made at the grocery store. The mushrooms were made with a couple items I always keep in the fridge, cheese and garlic, as well as a jalapeno I picked up at the store. Prep time, minimal, cooking time, as long as it takes for the meat to be cooked to your liking! 

I did these outside on our little hibachi grill, but I've also done this on our inside stove top grill. To spice the meat up a bit I used SanJ's new Mongolian BBQ sauce.

I always wash off my fruits and veggies and let them dry a bit. Afterwards I laid some foil on the grill, rubbed the bottom of the mushrooms with olive oil and filled them with cheese, garlic and topped with a couple jalapenos. Cook these bad boys until the cheese is mostly melted, 10 minutes roughly.

The skewers I laid foil down so I could use the Mongolian sauce, I sprinkled a touch of salt and pepper before pouring the sauce on top of the meat. I rotated to each side about every 8-9 minutes until the meat was cooked through to the level I liked. Viola Dinner, quick and simple! While this was grilling I boiled some small round potatoes on the stove. They take very little maintenance and after about 30 minutes of simmering they were super soft.

It did help that I was able to get these pre-made up, so there was no prep time on cutting the veggies or the meat, but that's the kind of meal I like! Paired up with a Glutenberg Beer this meal was a total success.

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