Saturday, June 6, 2015

Product Reviews Back at it!

New Products ~~Well it's that time again, new product reviews! I've got a bunch!! 

Tate’s Cookies – I like Tate’s Chocolate Chip cookies, the cookie itself is tasty. But I’m going to say the horribly unpopular statement, I just don’t like chocolate chips. Though neither do my parents, so I guess I do take after them! I was so stoked when I saw that they were going to make their Chipless chocolate chip cookies gluten free. I’d been eyeing those each time I’d see the gluten-full ones in the store, wishing they were gf. Mind you, we have enough cookies in our house to last us months if the zombie apocalypse happened, but I had to get these, and I know they won’t last the week. 

Hungry Jack Funfetti Pancakes, Yes they made a gluten free version of this. You may have to pinch me to make sure this isn't a dream. These are BY FAR the BEST pancakes I've had in years. I love them. they're fluffy, and don't have a gritty texture or a funny paper like after taste. Plus they have sprinkles in them so how can you go wrong. The only thing you need to add is water so you can't go to wrong. Plus the directions on the back are portioned well so that you don't end up with a ton of extra pancakes when making these for just two people.

Schars has some new products including a Hearty Grain bread. There is both a White and Whole Grain version of this bread. The white bread I'll admit was too dense for me. Tried it both with sandwiches for lunch and for making grilled cheese. For breads this was by far my least favorite on grilled cheeses, for sandwiches, wasn't loving it. The Whole Grain version Much better for sandwiches, it has a good flavor and doesn't taste GF at all! These are interesting because they are meant to be frozen not in their sealed packages on dry good GF shelves. What I like is I can take it out of the freezer in the morning before work, make my sandwich and it's properly thawed by noon.

Another interesting product we tried were cupcakes from Antonia's Artisan Bakery. They do sell regular non-gluten free products as well. The novel thing about them, they use mayonnaise as an ingredient. I've seen it before in a local favorite cake in Chicago, Portillo's makes an amazing gluten-ful chocolate cake that the key ingredient is mayonnaise. I've just never seen it used in gluten free baking. These were really good. Super moist and tasty. I was afraid they'd be overly sweet or too dense a taste, but these were good. they also make cakes and loaf breads/cakes, their gluten free items ARE made in a dedicated facility.

Meatballs! Coleman Natural, I got these on a whim we had some GF pasta so I though these were worth a try. The gluten free label is on the back of the package but it is present. I like that I just had to put them in a saute pan with some water and they were ready in a few minutes. The taste, fabulous, a bit of a kick but a lot of flavor. While searching their site I found out they also make gluten free breaded chicken tenders. I'll buy these again for sure quick pasta night these will be a go to. I got them at Fresh Thyme, but Costco also carries them.

Snack Factory pretzel chips, I've tried two versions of these, Caramel and plain. First thoughts on the caramel were Oh My Gosh are these Sweet!! But the sweetness doesn't last long on your tongue it does mellow out and become a sweet and salty blend. They're not too dense, pretty light actually, and they don't hurt your teeth. I like these, with some soft cheese spread they remind me of good pretzels with pub cheese. 

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