Monday, April 20, 2015

The Celtic Knot - hidden little place

A good gluten free meal can be hard to find, literally in some cases. I going places that can't provide information what they make is gluten free or even know for certain about their knowledge base for cooking gluten free.

We were out in the Evanston area doing some sight seeing and shopping, it was about dinner time, and my brother asked what "crazy" place I knew of in the area that we could go to for dinner. I told him there are a lot of main stream places in downtown Evanston that we never venture into the offbeat path of places. I read a few options, we had 3 on deck and my mom said Irish sounded good. So we ventured to find The Celtic Knot. My brother expected a hole in the wall dive bar. From out front I thought that was what we had gotten. Walking in, I did get a bit nervous because the average age of the dinners was about 55 years old... Thankfully I think it was just because it was Sunday.

The menu for gluten free had a lot of options, including appetizers and "chips" or as we'd call them, french fries. I was very impressed with all the options from appetizers to entrees. The fact that they had fries as a side I was over joyed.

The waitress was very knowledgeable on gluten free. All of their salad dressing are made in house and are gluten free. French fries are made in their own fryer so they are gluten free as well. we split an order of their stuffed mushroom caps as they called them Popems, though I could have eaten that all by myself. I got the steak and chips. My only complaint was they could have used a leaner cut of meat for the steak, it had more fat on it than I would have liked. But the fact that I got fries with it was so glorious.  

The atmosphere, minus the abundance of older people, was nice, it was rather basic for an Irish restaurant but still had that Irish feel to it. Overall they get 4 dragonflies I liked the menu, the staff was knowledgeable and the food was good.

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