Monday, April 13, 2015

King Arthur Brownie Mix

I've seen King Arthur mixes around for a while now. I'd heard from a friend that their regular mixes were very tasty, and that their gluten free options should be pretty good too. I got a box to try out, since we do love brownies in my house. We're pretty good at rating gluten free brownie mixes. I was making dinner, and thought dessert would be a nice complement to dinner, and wanted something simple. I was staring in the cupboard and saw this mix in there, checked the back, and it was Super easy to make! I didn't even need the electric mixer to make it, which was great, it was tied up in my sauce from dinner.

They cooked in the minimum needed time for cooking. they came out of the pan easily too. We didn't quite finish them all off in this sitting, so I put them in a Tupperware for later. They were just as good the next day, and the day after. Really you couldn't tell these were gluten free. I was very excited to find such an easy to make tasty mix. I think we'll be keeping a box of these on hand for quick desserts.There was no dry gritty texture, nor a funny after taste. I've noticed with A LOT of gluten free baking mixes once the treats cool they get gritty and have a strange taste that makes us all go, "YUP, it's gluten free." these didn't which was great, I don't feel bad making them when I have guests over.

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