Monday, January 12, 2015

Wok & Fire

Gluten Free Chinese food??? Don't tease me!! 

The first time we found Wok & Fire was with Find Me Gluten Free in Saint Charles, IL. We were out that way for their Annual Scarecrow Fest, and thought we'd see what our options were. We were delighted to find Wok & Fire. The gluten free menu is pretty encompassing for options, they even can do fried rice and have gluten free soy sauce. Even better - They are a chain in the Western Suburbs. They really meet my expectations for a great gluten free menu, they have appetizers, small plates, even sushi, and regular dish options. The menu is pretty consistent across all locations as in terms of variety.

The portion sizes are big enough for sharing, and upon request they will bring out gluten free Tamari for all dishes. Though their sauce mixes are really good, so you don't need to much as an extra flavor enhancer. They make their own ginger ales and each location differs which flavor enhancements they have for the ginger ale.

The best part is that their regular food options are really good, so I never have to twist anyone's arm on going there for dinner! I give them 4 dragonflies, they have a great variety of options, the food is Super tasty, and the variety is Huge, especially for Asian food!


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