Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marcello's Father and Son Restaurants

One of the best gluten free dinning options I've found that everyone loves is Marcello's. They have a couple locations around Chicagoland. We frequent both Northbrook and Lincoln Park for dinner. From what I hear their broasted chicken is amazing, and the non-chicken eaters we know love it there. Unfortunately that is not on the gluten free menu. But their Gluten free menu does have some good options. 

Abbe's Gluten free menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, dessert even GF beer! We've been here a few times, my absolute favorite dish is the fusilli pasta baked with mozzarella cheese. They use a corn pasta, no mater what sauce you pick it will be fabulous. Keep in mind the dish is Hot when it arrives!

Last time I decided to finally break down and get their pan pizza. (I Really like the pasta!) I asked the waitress to confirm I could get any toppings or pizza options with the gluten free crust. She confirmed yes, so I got the buffalo chicken pizza. Yum! I might have a new food love here. 

It's not a huge pizza, it is only 8 inches, square. But was enough to fill me up. The crust again is a corn base, crispy, and thicker than a normal pizza. I'm not sure which I liked better the crust or the toppings. The crust had moisture to it and wasn't dry. With any meal they will bring out a complementary cup of coleslaw, which I've heard is tasty, I can't find any muscle in me that likes any coleslaw so I always pass on it. Maybe on our next visit I'll branch out and try dessert!

I give Marcello's 4 dragonflies, they take a lot of caution with preparing their food, and I've never had any issues ordering, or getting my food. There are lots of options for everyone on both menu's and the staff is very friendly.

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