Friday, February 23, 2018

Air Fryer Fun! Gluten Free

I got an Air Fryer!! Ok this was super exciting to me, cause of 2 reasons, having Celiac, fried foods when dining out are off limits, minus those few place that “happen” to have a dedicated fryer, that are far and few in between, and usually pricey. Secondly I have issue with my Gall Bladder being slow, so using a traditional deep fryer is a bit rough, on my gut. Gall bladder attacks are not fun, and have landed me in the hospital twice now.

I’ve learned it’s more than just fried foods you can make in an air fryer, similar to my favorite kitchen gadget, the Pizza Pizzaz, the Air Fryer can make foods you’d normally make in the oven, without firing up the oven and making the house hot! Even items as simple as Ore-Ida French fries, without oil, come out crispy and baked.

Since shrimp was on sale the first weekend I got the Air Fryer, we started with Coconut Shrimp. So good. I’d baked coconut shrimp a few weeks back, (Last time shrimp was on sale) this was better. 

I had some Aleia’s Italian bread crumbs still in the cabinet, but rather low, I’d also bought Kikkoman Panko crumbs also, of the two, we really liked how the panko crumbs turned out. So we’ve gone from NEVER eating seafood, to eating coconut shrimp whenever shrimp is on sale! Like anything there are good and bad recipes that require trial and error here. We also tried a Blooming Onion in the fryer, and that well, fell short. It was not “Outback” worthy, but I’ll keep roaming for new recipes to try for this. Mozzarella sticks, also fell apart on me, and I followed the recipe to a T! So I’ve found another recipe to try out.

Click here to get both Coconut Shrimp Recipes, (Baked Or Air Fried!) and check it out. I do feel which bread crumbs you use is important for consistency and flavor. We used different bread crumbs for the mozzarella stick than the shrimp for consistency. 

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