Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Grilled Cheese

Again; uber easy meal here, but the first time I've made it. Grilled cheese and steam-able veggies - another one pan meal. 

I grabbed some butter and a spatula on the drive home from work. Things you take for granted when you move into your first home, but little by little we'll get there.

I buttered the outside of four pieces of bread, I grabbed some cheese from the deli and layered that on the bread, we had two different types of cheese. So we ended up with a Cheddar/American Grilled Cheese sandwich. Threw them onto the frying pan which was on a medium flame. The gluten free bread is so small two fit on the pan at once!

  While the grilled cheese grilled up I threw a bag of BirdsEye steam-able veggies in the microwave. Make sure to double check that the bag of veggies is gluten free. They do make options with cheese sauce and pasta, so diligence is key here on picking the right ones. I left the grilled cheese on the pan until slightly browned and then flipped. I really need flipping practice! 

Viola another quick and easy meal. We threw some left over lettuce wraps from dinner out the night before, and we were set. 

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