Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quick and Simple

Quick and simple dishes; When you get use to the convenience products on the market going gluten free and back to cooking from scratch is hard because you forget all the extra effort involved, and it can feel overwhelming at first. I know for me it was super overwhelming. I own a ton of GF cookbooks which is great for ideas, suggestions and meal bases, but I'm talking even simpler. 

I remember learning to cook in home economics in Junior High School, but even at home with my family we did lots of convenience meals during the week, and Sunday's we'd cook a big from scratch meal, but that was it. We were always somewhere with some activity, that we were always rushing to get to. So all the wonderful training I received was pushed to the back of my brain to now 20 years later try and remember it all. This will be an interesting journey for sure! 

Having recently moved in with my wonderful boyfriend of four years and starting to make a go at things together, it's crazy learning more of what we each like and don't like in foods and what we are accustomed to. We still need furniture and to finish unpacking boxes, and heck move stuff from his condo to our place. So we're on the go 24/7 still. So with 1 pan that a friend brought over for us, and a few utensil's my mom gave us, I started to make more than just frozen meals this past weekend. 

Some are still cheater meals with the help of something frozen, but we're getting there, one day here I'll have a gourmet meal that we can have people over to enjoy, until then, guests will have to enjoy a frozen pizza or two with us. Though finding GF corndogs at the grocery store the other day made my heart flutter, I know we can't have that every night. 

As we make our cheater meals I'll do my best to photograph and post, between those and the "I Give Up - We're eating out" meals I should have plenty to write on. Luckily I have several great grocery stores for finding good GF items and fresh items, so I'm hopeful we'll knock this one out of the park and be kitchen pro's in no time. 

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