Monday, December 15, 2014

Pardon my absence

I must ask that you pardon my absence on reviewing. It's been a crazy couple months with my 8-5 job, finally getting started on a hand made jewelry partnership with a friend, looking for a new place to live and seeing what other job options are out there, and decorating for the holidays; I've been a bit busy! 

Don't worry I've been eating out and reviewing, just not in my blog. My notebook is full of things to type in here! With our new place we do have a Gluten Free Kitchen now too!! So I'm hoping for more baking, and experimenting recipes from my gluten free cookbooks, so I will have even more to write on. 

We aren't completely unpacked, but the kitchen is put together and we've started on some quick meals that can be made with 1-2 kitchen items. Once we get things more settled in I hope to get some Celiac Awareness bracelets made to put on Etsy, so I'll keep everyone informed on how that's going too.  

Right now I'm mastering the simple meals I can make with few items and in little time so we can devote more time to unpacking, and furniture shopping. I forgot how the little things do matter as I stood at the counter with a canned good thinking, "well now how do I open this???" Thankfully someone had brought me their electric can opener they never used. Well I used it for them! 

Luckily they also gave me a nice big frying pan, and some casserole dishes too; so I can start to make some meals. But Amy's Gluten Free line, and EVOL have been our best friends. I swear I have never run to the store so many times in a two week period, but I'm racking up some crazy reward points, as we realize we need stuff, and don't have it yet. Today's shopping trip is a spatula and butter, grilled cheeses for dinner tonight!! 

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