Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mago's Cantina

A friend recommended checking out Mago’s Cantina one day, because she saw the Gluten Free listings on the menu. She loved the food and told me to give it a try. I kept trying to get around to it, but being all the way out in Bollingbrook, it was a bit far for me to travel, just for dinner, and none of my friends lived over that way anymore. I Overheard there was a great Mexican place in downtown Arlington Heights I should check out. When I pulled up the menu online I saw that it was the same place my friend recommended. So we decided to check it out.
What a cute place! The one in Arlington Heights is attached to the Metropolis performing arts theater, making it a great place for dinner if you are there to see a show. There is free parking right around the corner, and there are a bunch of places to grab a drink or ice cream after dinner. In the winter, North School Park, right across Northwest Highway has some really pretty light sculptures they put up, that are in walking distance to go and enjoy.
I was delighted with the menu selection. The menu lists out what items are naturally gluten free, or can be modified to be gluten free. There were a lot of choices. Right away when you are seated you are given chips and 3 different types of salsa, which they warn you right away one of the salsas does contain peanuts.  They have a guacamole cart they come around and will make it for you right at your table.

Note the Gluten free rice is White, the regular is orange.
I couldn’t decide what I wanted to get, so my boyfriend and I opted to split a couple dishes. When I told the waitress my meal needed to be made gluten free, she right away told me they would modify the rice that comes with the beans so that it was safe. I would have never thought the rice at a Mexican restaurant would be an issue!

After we ordered a mariachi band started to walk around and play music, it added to the ambiance.
We were so full after eating so much food, but we had to get dessert because they had flan! Honestly I’d never had flan until recently, so I was excited to try theirs. The flavor changes throughout the year, but it is still gluten free. Over all they were a bit pricy, but the ambiance and the food made it totally worth it. Recently they opened another location up in South Barrington; I’ve recommended all my friends who live up there to go try it! It’s worth it.

Flan for dessert
I give them 4 dragonflies. The menu is extensive on what they can offer. If you talk to the wait staff they will definitely take care of you for gluten freeness, and they have dessert options! I love dessert options.

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