Monday, August 4, 2014

Yolk Cafe Can Do Gluten Free

Yolk Cafe, I think Yolk might be my favorite place to eat in the city. They have a lot of great options for everyone, and are a BYOB establishment so you can bring your own champagne to do mimosa's if you'd like. They have flavored creamer on the table if you want to do coffee, so on the drink from they're fun. Menu wise they have scramblers, which you can do with egg whites, for no extra charge. You can do skillets, but they don't have any carb options. They don't do any pancakes, waffles, or that type of thing. They do have the option for fruit on the side if you don't want potatoes. If you do want potatoes Make Sure your server knows you need to eat gluten free. The seasoning for the potatoes has a small amount of gluten in it. But they can make you potatoes fresh without any seasoning. 

They are a very popular place to eat, so if you get there in prime breakfast time you will have to wait for a table, so be prepared to wait for a table. It will give you plenty of time to look over the menu. The one in Streeterville is a quick 10 minute walk from Navy Pier, and the one on Michigan is a quick walk over to the Art Institute. If you are planning a day in the city these are a couple of great easy to walk to options. I even found out now there is a location at Ogilivee Transportation center! After talking to that location they said the potatoes don't contain gluten.... A former employee who had Celiac Disease use to eat them all the time, so they knew they were safe....

Personally - I'd just ask to be certain, maybe the other locations use a different seasoning, the staff here told me no, that they were confused. So it goes as a reminder, Always ask before assuming an item will be ok.

I give them 3 dragonflies still because you do have to be careful with the potatoes, which are amazing, and they don't have any safe toast/pancake options. 

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