Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five Guys Gluten Free Fries!

French Fries, The best junk food EVER created!! Well, next to Tater Tots.... But I'll take safe fried greasy delicious french fries any day. 

Five Guys came to Chicago on the tails of the fan fare that it was the first place President Obama ate at when he got to Washington DC. Being the city the president was from this became big excitement for everyone. When they opened lines were always out the door, and you'd wait 10-15 minutes just to get your food. Now, not so much. We're not talking 5 star burgers here, but they're good. They've been serving up burgers in the Washington, DC area since 1986, it wasn't until 4 years go they found their way to Chicago, and now they're everywhere!

Big warning here - Do NOT Eat Here If You Have A Peanut Allergy!!!!  While you wait for your food you can dip into a bin of peanuts and much. Also their fries are cooked in peanut oil. 

The first time I got a bunless burger here the guy making it seemed so confused. He wrapped my meat in aluminum foil, my bacon in a different foil, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms in another... I had all these foil balls we laughed that it was not only bunless, but assemble your own! Now they have fancy take out containers they put everything in, Score!

They do toast the buns for the burgers, but that is on a different grill top to the right of the meat, so you shouldn't have any CC issues with the burgers being toasted up. Bunless is an option on their ticket system so they get noted right away instead of a bun your burger goes into a aluminum container when done. 

Their menu only consists of burgers, hot dogs, a couple sandwiches and french fries, so I love going to town on their fries! Ordering a regular size fry is good for sharing because after filling your fry cup they dump a ton more right into the fry bag! so you never have to worry about not getting enough fries!

I could honestly just go there order fries and be happy. Everyone says it's a shame that I can't get a burger on a bun there. I don't feel the same way! I honestly am ok getting a "bowl" of burger, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, pickles, tomato and lettuce to eat, and pigging out on fries. Though I add enough toppings to my burger that I probably wouldn't add if I was eating it on a bun, that really I have a salad with a burger on top! 

I give them 4 dragonflies. I would give 5 but there is a chance you can get contact with a bun if the person making it isn't careful. The one by my house I've watched a few times now the bunless burger gets special attention, so it seems they know this isn't a run of the mill "picky" order they know they have a gluten free following which makes me smile. Plus they have Coke Free style machines, so I can get a cherry coke or peach ginger ale and be ever so happy! Oh and they automatically give you a knife and fork in the bag too, Awesome! 

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