Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chili's Restaurant and Bar

Chili's.... Well they are casual fast food, I can't classify them any higher. I guess eating gluten free I've learned to respect good food, well made meals, that are held at a higher quality because it has to be. My bestfriend came in town for my birthday, after a long train ride she wanted from the small town she's working in, she wanted a good old fashion meal out with chips and salsa, and a margarita.

Chili's does have an allergen listing for the top 8, which used with the menu can help make a good meal. I got excited they had loaded baked potato soup. I get excited over soup on menus these days, when before you couldn't pay me to get soup, unless I was ill. Looking over the menu they have some tasty sounding options. I was a bit confused since they do list fajita's with both corn and flour tortillas, but they are not listed on the gluten free menu. They don't have dedicated fryers so you have to bring your own corn tortilla's if you want chips and salsa.

I'm guessing the best way to tell an authentic Mexican restaurant from Chili's is the corn and bean salsa is not allowed, which I've never seen a salsa not be safe in a Mexican restaurant. If you bring your own tortilla's you can have the regular salsa. Otherwise their ribs are pretty tasty, and thankfully I like broccoli. This time I wasn't that hungry and tried their new Fresh Mex bowls which reminded me of Chipotle's burrito bowl, though I feel Chipotle is tastier! I need to remember tortilla chips next time, it might be better that way. In a pinch or on a road trip they would make an ok stop, going out of my way, I wouldn't stop here.

I'd give them 3 dragonflies, there are options, not the greatest food, but they can provide more than a crouton free salad. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but there are options when traveling, or to make the larger group happy.

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