Monday, March 17, 2014

Food Review - Gluten Free Beer Brats; Cupcakes and more

Gluten Free Beer Brats - Say what?! Really??? Sorry for the awful glare. These are Gilberts Brand gluten free Beer Bratwurst. They are made with Lake Front New Grist Beer. They were good, and a little kick to them, but were so tasty. They have no MSG, Nitrates, and no corn syrup. I had mine plain without a bun, like I do most sausages, it's just easier! If someone knows of a good "brat" bun, I'll try it out! These were good, they come individually wrapped too, so you can make 1 at a time. I recommend these 100%

Skinny Pop - Popcorn that's healthy at tasty. What? I know that seems like an oxy moron - but it's good. We get small snack sized bags at work as a healthy treat during the day. It's all natural, cholesterol free, dairy free, nut free, perservative free, non GMO and a good source of fiber. There is enough saltiness to the flavor that it doesn't need anything else. They have four flavors including plain, white cheddar, black pepper and sweet.

Cupcakes at Trader Joes - Plus they're not frozen, score! I hate having to plan things days in advance, based on where I'm going to be, how to get to which store and who can bring what for any get together. I know It's the lifestyle, but it's annoying! I was shocked to see TJ's had cupcakes in their fresh baked section, so I had to try them out. They are a little dry, but not unbearable, and the frosting wasn't too sweet. It felt like a mix of a cream cheese frosting and butter cream. Everyone enjoyed them! 

This past weekend when we were at the grocery store they had some new gluten free items. I've heard Three Bakers make a great loaf of gluten free bread, so I thought maybe I should check out their pizza. I might have a new favorite pizza, over Against the Grain, which has been a huge favorite for me. The crust is slightly seasoned but not too much, and doesn't have a funky after taste! The pizza could have been a little bigger, it was pretty small, but tasty. Total repeat buy!

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