Monday, March 10, 2014

Meli's Cafe

Meli's Cafe has 3 locations in Chicago. They do great smoothies healthy breakfast, and vegan options as well as gluten free. We've been here two other times over the past couple years. The first time we went was before heading to the Auto Show, their Greektown location is near Union Station so it's easy to grab the bus to McCormick Place. I've had their polenta pancakes and a scrambler.

This time I noticed they could do gluten free crepes.. Crepes?! I had to try them, it's so rare to find crepes on a menu. The waitress nicely came over and told me the crepe batter would be lighter in color than the normal crepe batter. These were Nutella crepes, with strawberries and banana's how can you turn something like this down! 

The "regular" Nutella crepes had chocolate in the batter. So the crepes were chocolate, and much darker than the gluten free ones.

Their bacon was a bit tough and chewy, I think Yolk a couple weeks before spoiled me on what good crispy bacon tastes like. They have a lot of good healthy choices which would probably be a better option, since I don't think they are using a separate grill for the crepes. about 4 hours later I had some major stomach discomfort and ended up getting pretty sick. I'm still not certain it was a gluten exposure, maybe the batter wasn't refrigerated like it should have been, or the bacon left out. It was a weird feeling and after getting sick I felt instantly better.

I would give them 3 dragonflies, mostly because I did get sick afterwards, though it was my third visit, so I have had safe meals there in the past. I probably got overzellous on wanting crepes. Next time I'll stick with a scrambler and not a side of bacon to go with it! 

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