Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deep Dish Gluten Free Pizza?!

I'm on cloud 9 right now. I just got back from having dinner at Chicago Pizza Inc., and had an amazing meal. They have a gluten free deep dish pizza!! Who would have thought someone would actually make a deep dish gluten free pizza, and one that is so tasty on top of that! 

We went to the Chicago Pizza Inc. location on Irving Park road, (Old Irving). They have 2 other locations in the city as well in Ravenswood, and Lakeview/Lincoln Park

I would consider the Irving Park location a dive due to the small eating area of 10 tables. While we were eating a lot of people came and picked up food to go. It was definately a busy place for pick up orders. If you want some wine, or GF beer with your dinner, you have to bring your own, they are one of the many BYOB establishments in the city.

They bring out complimentary Focaccia bread for the table. The server did ask if everyone at our table was gluten free, so they knew how many regular and how many gluten free they needed to prepare. We ended up getting an order of each. The focaccia bread melts in your mouth, it's so light and airy. My dad and brother said it was lighter than the regular focaccia, and that they liked the texture even better. I had to make sure not to eat it all, and save room for pizza, or I might have eaten the whole plate of bread! They even brought out some parmesean cheese and a little bowl of olive oil to dip it in. This alone made me rank them at 4 dragonflies.

Their Menu... even besides the deep dish pizza, is awesome, it's huge, they have so many options. When reading their menu all items with a little green GF next to the item can be made gluten free. They have a wide array of pizza's, salads, pasta dishes, calzones, and desserts.

The deep dish pizza was awesome! It has been almost 3 years since I've had one, so it was a total treat to try this. We got the Chicago Special, the Italian Sausage was so tasty, it definate made the pizza for me. The pizza was really cheesey, and the sauce was flavorful, and very comparable to another well known Chicago Deep dish pizza chain. Before we even finished we decided we have to come back to try their thin crust pizza, since the description says it's light and flaky, it sounds too good to be true. Their deep dish was too good to be true, I wouldn't have imagined it could be so light and tasty. 

My rating would be for 4 dragonflies. This place could be a total example for a menu selection, and a very attentive wait staff. They made sure to emphasize when bringing out the focaccia and the pizza, which ones were GF and which ones were not. The waiter even told us how he's tried the GF thin crust, and he thought it was darn good. So that sealed it, we're going back again for pizza one night.

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