Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Namaste Taco Pasta

My boyfriend and I were planning a quick dinner for Friday night. He had asked if I wanted to come into the city and ride in the Critical Mass Last Friday of the month ride. I've taken up bike riding for exercise and as a nice calming activity. Dinner would need to be something that was quick to make after the ride was going to be the easiest. After a 14 mile ride, hoping the rain would hold off, I was hungry!

I had a Namaste Taco Pasta in my cupboard so I checked out what we needed to make it, and how easy it would be. The back of the package listed some extras that could be added in for a more robust meal. Chicken, Salsa, Onions, pepers, beans, corn, ground beef... I picked up some beans, corn, Oscar Meyer Pre-cooked chicken and some Colby Jack Cheese.

While the pasta was cooking I started the corn cooking, which only took a few minutes, once that was done, I added the chicken and some white wine. Just before the pasta was done I added the beans into the chicken corn mix, and let it all simmer. When the pasta was done, I added that and the seasoning mix to the pot with everything else, stirred it up, and voila! We had dinner in under 15 minutes!

I was pleased with the flavor of the seasoning, it had a bit of a kick, but wasn't too over bearing. We sprinkled the cheese over the top of the pasta to help add flavor, and cool off the spicy kick. I thought this was a great quick meal, tasty, and the pasta wasn't grainy and didn't leave an after taste. There are so many options of how to mix this up and make a new meal out of it. I'm thinking some sautéed mushrooms, chicken, green peppers and corn for the next quick dinner.

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