Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Walker Brother's

Here's a quick review of one of my favorite breakfast places in the burbs of Chicago. We just got back from Napa Valley/ San Francisco last night, and I have so many wonderful reviews of my trip, I need another day to get all my thoughts together! Look for my tracel review in the next couple days!!

Walker Brothers Pancake House is a Chicagoland staple, they have been in the North Suburbs since 1960 when their first location opened in Wilmette, on Green Bay Road. Since then they have expanded into several other locations around the area. It's not unusual for there to be a line on a weekend morning for breakfast.

The last few years they have added a gluten free menu offering a wide range of items including pancakes and waffles. Yes, Waffles!! Their announcement of waffles was so exciting, and it was even more exciting that they are made on their own dedicated waffle iron!

Again this one came my direction with some help from a friend "Hey! Tell your sister Walker Brothers has gluten free pancakes!" That was early in 2012, by late 2012 they had added the waffles as well. Their menu includes omelets, salads (at select locations) hash browns, and a few other naturally gluten free items from their regular menu. I have to say, I'm partial to their waffles, they are super tasty. They also are marked with a wooden stick that says Gluten Free on it, to help reduce any confusion when delivering meals. I was delighted to see that their menu included the different varieties of waffles and pancakes, mirroring their regular menu with their options.

As always since it is a shared kitchen you do have to worry about cross contamination, but they are taking many precautionary steps to make this as safe as possible, as evident by the separate waffle iron. When dinning at the Lincolnshire location, the gluten free menus are laid out easily visible to the hostess on their menu stand.

I give Walker Bros. 4 dragonflies since cross contamination is possible due to the shared kitchen, but the expansive menu, and the quality of the food ranks them high on my list.

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