Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dinning Out Rating Scale

I eat out a least once a week. It's just easier some days, especially for date night, unless our plan is making a meal and chilling. Since we have friends in different areas around the city and suburbs we get to check out different areas when we visit friends, or check out new places. Some places we've tried and really liked, they've been added to the repeat visit list, due to something on the menu standing out, so we look for reasons to head that direction.

I have come up with a scale for rating the places that we eat out at, for how gluten free friendly they are. Things that I consider is how safe does the restaurant seems, how knowledgeable are they to gluten free, does their menu have good safe options, was the food good, and did they get the meal right on the first try!

1 Dragonfly - Not eating there ever again. If I absolutely have to, we better be on a road trip and there is no food for hours to come. I'll be digging into my travel snacks to hold me over.

2 Dragonflies -  The menu is probably 2-5 items, which 3 of them don't even sound interesting, and my best bet is a salad that I hope looks better than the ones in the grocery store after 2 days of sitting on the shelf, or a piece of meat that is grilled and that's the only thing on the plate. The server asks you questions like "Can you have tomatoes?" - Yes I've been asked that one before. But at least after a short explanation of what gluten is, it seems like they get it.

3 Dragonflies - They're ok, could do better, menu was ok, the food seemed ok, but nothing excited me about it, but I know I can go back there, and get a decent meal, and the staff was ok, mentioning gluten free didn't seem to explode their heads, they get it.

4 Dragonflies - I'm ready to go back already. Their menu is wow, their service is charming, and the food is delicious.

5 Dragonflies - Superb! This is for places that are dedicated gluten free, there is no chance of getting cross contaminated, there are lots of options, and I'm holding back from trying everything on the menu.

Reviews to come!

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