Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Against The Grain Gourmet products

My Absolute Favorite pizza is from Against The Grain Gourmet. Actually their bread products falls into my favorite category as well.

What makes Against the Grain different from the other brands that are out on the market, is the simplicity of their ingredients; Tapioca starch, milk, mozzarella cheese, eggs, canola oil, salt, for their basic rolls. Their rolls come out very airy, and light, and they don't fall apart as easy as other gluten free breads seem to do.

Their pizza is CHEESEY! which in my opinion is the best way for any pizza to be! The crust is flaky and light, and thin. The pizza also has the right amount of cheese, I think the cheese in the crust helps with that. The back of the box has 2 settings for cooking the pizza, I always go with the crispy crust, because that still comes out soft, but not soggy.

My pizza came out just right, I know I can rely on this to turn out prefect each time, 20 minutes at 400 degrees. I love the size too, it's a 12 inch pizza, so for me there is always a few slices left over for lunch the following day.
Their products are available at several healthy eating stores in my area, but not all products are available at all stores. Recently when my Whole Foods moved, they didn't have the rolls, which are great for beef sandwiches. I ended up going store hopping until I could find them! (Whole Foods did, right the situation, and now have the rolls again.)
Their baguettes are one of my favorites for bruschetta, and cheese fondue. Usually I only use one loaf in the baguettes for bruschetta, so I'll chop up the other loaf and take it with us to The Melting Pot, and use it for the cheese fondue.

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