Monday, May 6, 2013

Steadfast Gluten Free Beer

Wow! Boy the choices for gluten free beer have started to grow!! This is so exciting to me because, I loved craft beer tasting prior to my Celiac diagnosis. That was my biggest disappointment was not being able to have beer again, especially Blue Moon. I still am hoping someone can make something close to Blue Moon, gluten free. I was still a novice to wine, which is growing on me, but I do miss my beer! So any time we find something new, it's like a holiday in my house.

Last night while picking up beer to go with our tamale's for Cinco De Mayo we decided to stop and go to a different liquor store on our drive home, and we happened to stumble on a new gluten free beer to try! Yay!!!

Steadfast - This is a Sorghum based beer, so there are no gluten ingredients used during the crafting process. It's a hoppy beer, and a robust citrus flavor, and even a bit strong. It reminds me of several micro-brewed beers I'd tried at a local micro brewery back in the day. The initial taste is a bit bitter, but as you drink more the taste becomes lighter, but the citrus taste stays on your tongue for the full flavor. Over all I would rate this beer in par with a traditional IPA from any small barrel American micro brewery.

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