Monday, May 13, 2013

Going on Vacation

This year has started off in a crazy downward spiral really. It seemed nothing was going the right direction, my stress levels were hitting record high's and I just didn't think I'd accomplish anything this year. Things work out in the strangest ways, that my stress level has gone down from the initial instigator but gone back up in other ways. Recent passing of our family pet, followed by a my brothers emergency hospital stay, and the passing of a dear friend, I could use some sunny days and enjoy getting away from life. My boyfriend and I have a bucket list of places to visit, so we decided to pick one and go, Hey why not! I have a little extra free time right now, might as well take advantage of it. This trip the winner is San Francisco, and Napa Valley. I went to Los Angeles last year with my best friend, and we did well finding gluten free food, without Find Me Gluten Free, but I always welcome the help!

Anyone who has traveled with me in the last 2 years knows can verify that half of every vacation, or day off was spent with my phone to my ear talking to work. That won't be an issue this trip, which makes it even more exciting, I can have a stress free vacation!
We leave in 3 days. I'm the totally prepared for everything kind of person, so I plan out what to take, weeks in advance, only to have the weather at our destination do a complete 360 and I have to rework everything. So far I have 2 outfits picked out, and all my gluten free snacks. Yup, picked the snacks out already.

Nogii bars are a must, them and KIND bars. Those are packed.
Annie's fruit snacks in individual packs, great to fit in my purse.
K-Kritters, Gluten free animal crackers and a small container that will fit in my purse.
Glutino's pretzels, and a small container.
Some individual snack size packs of treats from the GF expo.
My copies of Gluten Free living, and Living Without that highlighted my vacation destination and listed places to eat.
Find Me Gluten Free is loaded on my phone and tablet.
I have magnesium pills, and Benadryl for the emergency reactions.... I'm Set!

Now somewhere here I need to figure out what else I need to pack.

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