Thursday, April 11, 2013

More about me, gluten free

I have been Gluten Free since November of 2011 when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. To be honest, I'd never heard of Celiac Disease until the doctor said he thought that was my issue. I was furiously writting down what he was saying, and didn't even know how to spell the word! That's what started my crazy new journey of eating gluten free.

I had called my dad and told him, he had a couple friends who had some experience with eating gluten free, and gave him some quick tips. He went to the store and found out they made frozen mac and cheese, and told me, "It will be ok, there is still mac and cheese!" It was actually quite comforting!

I had started to have bad stomach pains and felt sick to my stomach, about 8 months earlier. I really thought it was the flu. But after a couple weeks and the pain not going away I decided to call my doctor and see what he said. He was stumped by where I had pain and where I didn't have pain. Over the next 8 months I went for multiple ultra sounds, CAT Scan, HIDA Scan, Multiple blood tests. I was getting to know the hospital nurses like we were best buddies. My HIDA Scan came back saying my gallbladder was a bit slow, and the doctor said that was probably what was causing my issues. I wasn't sold on that answer, and being resistent to the surgery, waited a couple weeks before calling my doctor back and asking "Are you sure?!??!" and he said NO - Call this GI doctor, I think he will be able to help you better.

I called the GI doctor, met with him, we talked about my medical history. The reoccuring sinus infections (I always seemed to have), anemia, mouth sores, skin rash, constipation, missed periods, irritability, loss of enamal on my teeth, multiple vitamin deficencies, fatigue. At the end of the day I felt like a text book list of all the symptoms. He said he knew the answer, and after doing an endoscopy he asked for me to do one more blood test, and the results came back positive on both for Celiac Disease. When I went for my blood test the nurse kept asking me why they wanted to test for it, and what evidence did they have to think this was my issue. She was shocked when that turned out to be the key. 

Since then, my anemia and vitamin deficencies have cleared up, I'm back to being cheerful, I'm not tired all the time. I have not had a sinus infection in over 2 years! Nor has my dentist found as many cavities! I feel like a whole new person, and would have NEVER thought this was the answer.

I enjoy baking, trying new places to dine out, and traveling. I'll highlight those experiences in this blog and share what I learn along the way! 


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