Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce

Last year at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo in Chicago we tried some new gluten free products, some that we found really exciting to us. We loved getting the chance to try some new products without committing to a full meal first. One of those products we tried was Barbeque Sauce by Two Fat Guys. 

We were wow'd with the taste. Full of flavor, smokey, tangy and so delicious, it was like finding a new food love. We'd mention it every now and then, that it was so tasty and we should really look into getting some for dinner one night. We didn't look too hard for it, and kept forgetting. Then the other day I was in my favorite Gluten Free Bakery Sweet Ali's ( and they had the Two Fat Guys sauce on the shelf for sale! I got so excited, I was already salvating over the cupcakes, cookies, and any other goodies that I was going to pick up, I picked up the bottle without skipping a beat and brought it home.

We went to Costco and got their smoked pulled pork, cooked it up on the stove, added the Two Fat Guys sauce at the end of cooking the pork, just to warm it all up. The bottle of sauce seemed large for the portion of meat that we had, but we used most of the bottle, with a little extra to pour over the top of our sandwiches.


We made some Awesome Gluten Free Pulled Pork Sandwiches. We tried out some new dinner rolls that I hadn't seen yet, EnerG Tapioca Dinner Rolls, I found them a bit dry but adding a little extra sauce helped out the rolls. I don't think I could use them for burgers, but maybe Sloppy Joe's or Beef sandwiches.

I checked out their site tonight, to figure out where else we can buy the sauce, and realized that my local grocery store, Mariano's carries the Two Fat Guys Sauce! I guess I would have noticed that if I shopped an aisle other than the gluten free aisle every now and then. So tomorrow I'm going to figure out where they have the sauce, and pick up another bottle! This may become a regular meal in our house

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