Monday, February 19, 2018

Spiked Seltzers Gluten Free and some New To Me Ciders

I was excited to see the Spiked Seltzer water trend starting to gain some ground, mostly because a lot of them are gluten free. For once it's an alcoholic canned beverage that is not a malted beverage at heart! They aren't overly sweet and even a bit dry, they make great mixers or even just on their own. Check these out next time you're heading to the bar, or game night at a friends house!

Honestly these come down to flavor preference I've noticed, the all have rather the same taste profile otherwise, there isn't a huge difference, and what's great, They're All Gluten Free!!!

Truly - I haven't found the blood orange yet, but colima lime is tasty!
White Claw - My favorite is the black cherry, but that one fits more in my flavor pallet. 
Shell House Spiked Seltzer Water Trader Joe's - Only two flavors got pomegranate to try, it's ok, and cheaper than the others on the market.
Bravazzi - This was interesting as it's a spiked Italian Soda. It's more fizzy and flavorful, and honestly this one is the flavor winner for me. 

The other one upping their game is the cider manufacturers with new flavors. The Rose trend has hit cider and it makes me happy! Cider for me tends to be sweet and taste like apple juice... I like the flavored ones, and these hit the mark for me. One thing I noticed when I was in Southwest Michigan last year is how many wineries are now making flavored ciders! I was trying as much cider as I was wine. 
2 Fools Cider is "local" to Chicago, being produce in Indiana. 
Blake's Hard Ciders are "local" and from Michigan, they're great cause they too have flavors other than plain apple, and they are unique in flavor and taste. 
Angry Orchard is great cause you're bound to find it in quite a few places and markets. It's the most common to find when dinning out or traveling. I do like them a LOT better than Woodchuck Ciders or even most of the Ace Ciders. But they're all options you can find gluten free!


Keep in mind These are Hard Ciders, Not Cider Beers. Cider Beers like Redd's Apple Ale ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE! Nor or most of the Hard Root Beer or Hard Soda's Like Henry's Hard Soda. They are malted beverages, and not gluten free.

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