Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Emilio's Tapas Gluten Free Tasty

Emilio’s Tapas – Has been serving amazing tapas for 27 years. Emilio himself started out with the famous Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises and was the chef at Café Ba Ba Reeba in Chicago. He eventually moved on to operating his own tapas restaurant. Café Ba Ba Reeba was one of the first Spanish Tapas restaurants in Chicago and really started a movement of great Tapas in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Emilio’s keeps winning awards year after year for the great food and service, and now even have gluten free offerings. 

I’ll admit I was excited when I heard a review that they had over 30 gluten free menu options. I called to make sure since nothing on their website mentioned gluten free. The hostess told me not to worry they had a separate menu and that the staff was trained to handle gluten free items. I was stoked! I started to browse the menu to see what they had and compare against what we get at other Tapas restaurants.

We have gotten more and more into Tapas and even have my parents and brother’s girlfriend into it now too. My boyfriend’s family has done some family parties here in the past and raved about how great it was. I will say one thing compared to other places I’ve been. They kick up the heat here for sure. There is nothing that is bland there is a LOT of flavor in everything. They didn’t bring out the bowl of olives like Tapas Gitana does, but their Sangria is just as good, and seemed like a larger pitcher.

The only thing I had time to snag a picture of was the menu – The food would get snatched up too quickly to get a picture, but it was all good. We got an order of the spicy wings. They were tiny little wings, but WOW did they pack some punch! My allergies were acting up so my sinus were a bit stuffed, not after those wings! They were so good. We had called ahead and told them we were there for a birthday. They put a bunch of balloons on the table so it looked really pretty. The only downside was they brought out a birthday dessert cream puff with ice cream – NOT GLUTEN FREE… It’s ok mom and dad picked up a GF cheesecake from chesapeake at Fresh Thyme so I held out for dessert at home. 

Over all they get 4 dragonflies’ great staff, written menu so it was easy to pick put items and share. Food was tasty and worth going back for more. 

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