Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chianti's Charming GF Option In Geneva

Chianti's a quaint little place in Geneva, IL. It’s located just down the street from Sweet Natalie’s GF bakery. My parents had been to Chianti’s previously and suggested it because their menu highlighted on the low back corner, they have  a vast variety of GF options. They have 3 stars next to items that are able to be made GF, or are naturally GF. A bit of a grey area because we had the most round-about conversation with our waitress on what was already GF and what needed modifications, but alas we ordered the Mushroom appetizer. We weren't sure if there were gluten free modifications or if it was naturally GF. We did emphasize to her that if it wasn't gluten free I'd be horribly ill. Turned out they were Fabulous. We all pretty much agreed we could order a serving for ourselves next time and be content! For an entree I went with the Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo with GF rotini pasta. I went with the lunch portion because their portions are HUGE. They don’t have any sort of GF table bread which was a bit sad, but I'm use to that. They provide packaged bread sticks that look sort of like Japanese Packi.

Entrees come with a choice of soup or salad. They do not have any gluten free soup options, but all of their salad dressings are safe. 

My pasta was very tasty. I really enjoyed it. The one thing I might change is not getting something so rich next time, so I can really enjoy my food. The main drawback on our dinner was the slow service and oblivious wait staff! We had a party of 6, and the waitress positioned herself at the head of the table and Shouted to each person to get their order. In turn making us shout back at her to place our orders. After we got our food we didn’t see her again, until a good 15 minutes after our plates had been cleared, and two of our diners had left because it was getting late. Reading other reviews online I guess this is the norm for this place… That being said, I’m not putting this at the top of my “Must Go Back” list, but it’s on the reserve for “If I’m in the area”….

I give them 3 Dragonflies service, and availability of the waitstaff does rank high on my list. Especially if there is an issue with your meal you shouldn't have to track down the staff to address the issue, or get a refill on your drink!  

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