Monday, August 19, 2013

Flur Bakery!

Flur Bakery is located in Riverside, a southwest suburb of Chicago. It's a cute area, rich in Chicago history, right by Brookfield Zoo. The mastermind behind Flur is Adriana, who is a French trained chef who found out she had a gluten intollerance, and wanted better tasting baked goods. Working as a chef she understood how hard it was to safely prepare gluten free food in restaurants, and that many end up relying on prepackaged frozen gluten free items that aren't always that tasty. She spent a year mixing flours and trying to come up with a good blend that was versitle and tasted amazing.

When you walk into Flur I guarentee you'll be amazed, the cakes in the window are amazing looking, and are gluten free! Actually all the products in the display case are gluten free, but it's not labeled as such, so that it's friendlier to get everyone to come and try the products. All ingredients are listed above the products so you can see what goes into each item, and you will see they are gluten free. This is definatly a new way to highlight gluten free, since we are so trained to look for Large Letters saying Gluten Free. She has embraced gluten free, but made it enticing to the rest of the community. Gluten free is sneaking in everywhere!

The highlighted item in the main case are French Macarons. They offer a variety of flavors that look so good!
Other items included biscotti, brownies, muffins, and cookies. Tea and other beverages are available to drink. They have plenty of seating both inside and out. It's a nice place to come grab a drink and snack and visit with friends.

Their hope is to expand out to offer their products in restaurants and grocery stores in the area. I look forward to finding their products a bit closer to home, their location is a bit far for me to go an visit regularly but when we are in the area, we can make a detour to stop and get some yummy treats!

I give Flur my highest rating of 5 dragonflies for their dedicated gluten free kitchen, as well as their amazing products.

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