Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gluten Free Stop in Madison

To be honest, this was two stops, but you could do it in one if you're spending the day in Madison. We drove thru Madison heading to La Crosse, and opted to stop and eat in Madison cause of a tip we got on a "must try" place. 

My goal on our way to La Crosse was to hit up Alt Brewery, a completely gluten free brewery. While visiting Burning Brother's Brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota earlier this year, I learned about Alt Brewery. So I added them to my gluten free bucket list. So heading up to this end of Wisconsin this was a must. 

It's a cute place with arcade games and a decent amount of seating. When we got there it was a bit dead, though it was Sunday and the Green Bay Packers were on TV. We decided to do a beer flight and try all 6 beers on tap, heck when in Rome, (or in Madison). We also got food. They have a simple food menu, but pizza with beer sounded great. Best part, the bartender pulled out the ingredients to make the pizza, Udi's Crusts and real "grocery" ingredients. It was a darn tasty pizza. 

The beers on tap were pretty tasty. Their Pumpkin Pail was my favorite followed by the Kickback and Copperhead.  It felt so normal to try beer and have some food at the bar. It was a lot of fun.
They have merchandise for purchase, hats, shirts, hoodies and such, as well as their beer. You can also purchase their beer in some local places including a few dining establishments. The bartender said to check their website for places that carry their product. He did mention Jac's Dining and Taphouse in Madison, always has options, plus they do gluten free options. So on our way back, to Chicago from La Crosse, that's where we stopped for dinner.

That was the best dinner stop idea yet! For whatever reason, when I was looking up Gluten Free in Madison, on I wasn't seeing this place in the results. Not sure why not, so I'm glad the bartender mentioned it. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer. That's right a dedicated fryer!!!

YES These are Gluten Free Cheese Curds!

Normally I'd ask my fiance, what appetizer he wants to have, but I saw deep fried cheese curds, there was no question, that's what I was ordering. OMG It was like heaven on a plate. I honestly could have ordered 2 orders and been happy. They have Alt Breweries beer on tap, and Green's Beers in bottles. I don't feel comfortable drinking any beer on tap at an establishment unless they are dedicated GF, so I went with the Greens Tripel Ale, one of my favorites. I also got their prosciutto chicken. Which was tasty, but prosciutto is salty so this came out salty. They have gluten free bread, and pizza crusts, and on Wednesdays there is no up charge for gluten free items.

Both of these places get a 5 dragonfly rating from me. The fact that Alt had food, although the easiest meals ever, was super tasty and added to the experience. Jac's was the icing on the cake for an awesome meal. The server was super friendly and they have a dedicated fryer - which they make cheese curds in! :) 

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