Saturday, January 16, 2016

Eggsperience Cafe ~ Park Ridge

New Year, New adventures to try new places to eat. That’s my resolution, try new places, and find new awesome options. Also getting back to more home cooked meals, especially new and different options… Then trying to get them typed up and posted. Let’s see how well that goes. Life seems to take over somewhere in the middle of this every time.

Starting off on the right foot on new adventures we went for breakfast at Eggsperience Café in Park Ridge. I’d looked them up previously for a different location and didn’t see anything on gluten free items. It seems they are specific to each location on what they can or cannot do. Looking at the menu in Park Ridge they had quite the Gluten Free selection including waffles, pancakes, toast, Scramblers, and Omelets. I was in the mood for a scrambler, and a smoothie for breakfast. It was cool because I could get Udi’s Toast on the side!

We got our smoothies and waited for breakfast, when we got there we got seated right away, but it was starting to fill up quickly. The one thing I noticed is they need to dust better, the ledge between booths next to me was rather dusty. Our food arrived. Presentation was awesome, it looked really good. My boyfriend said his food was OK. I thought the same of mine. I felt like my scrambler was lacking some taste. There was a lot of food, and it looked really good, I just was slightly.

They had a lot of options, and the food all looked good. I would go back for the sake of finding a place everybody can find something they like, even if it isn't the most flavorful. Maybe we caught them on a bad day... But I'll go back. I give them 3 dragonflies for variety and quick service, but overall flavor was lacking. 

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