Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie

I'll admit I have some unusual summer hobbies for living in Chicagoland. 1st I love NASCAR! We take 2-3 NASCAR related trips in the summer time. My first year going was the year before I got diagnosed. I say we have the oddest/healthiest tailgate of anyone around us. 2nd I love the Renaissance Faire. Just over the Wisconsin border is the Bristol Renaissance Faire. We go multiple times in the summer, and dress up in Renaissance outfits. It's a ton of fun, but most of the food is deep fried. There are some non-fried veggie options that are good, but they really only hold me over until dinner time. So we always end up going out to eat before we head back Chicago way. 

Using the Find Me Gluten Free App we found Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie in Kenosha last year. They seem to be a fancy sports bar, which has NASCAR decor in the hallway to the washroom. They are a local small, South Eastern Wisconsin chain, with their first location in East Racine, 20 years ago.

They have a separate menu for gluten free options. I do like that have written right on the menu that fries and tortillas are gluten free, BUT are fried in shared friers, causing a cross contamination.

I tried their chili for a starter, it's very thick, it comes with cheese, onions, and tortilla's on top. I got it with just cheese, since the tortilla's are fried with other breaded items, and I just don't like onions!
I ordered a the Buffalo Burger, without a bun, and a side of vegetables. They have a Toppings Bar that allows you to help yourself to your desired toppings for your burger. 

On a previous trip I had tried their ribs, and found them pretty tasty. The Door County BB Sauce they used was good, and accented the dish well. I don't know what it is, but their veggies are always so tasty.

I will go back here when we are up at the Renaissance Faire in the summer time. It's nothing fancy, but gets a decent meal and polite services, they get 3 dragonflies in my rating scale.

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