Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dickey's BBQ Up and Coming

Dickey’s – a Chain of BBQ places expanding to more and more areas with over 500 stores in the US. I’d never heard of them, but saw they could do gluten free so we thought we’d check them out while up near Kenosha. If you go online you’ll find their allergen listing showing what is safe, including all meats and sauces, and which sides are safe, pending availability of items. Over all their meats are smoked on site and are super tender, their sauce is WOW! It packs a kick, even their sweet sauce will wake you up. 

Their layout is similar to Real Urban BBQ where you go through a line to order your items, they’re placed on a simple metal tray and then you take that to your seat after paying. It’s nice because you can make sure things like the complementary rolls are not placed on your tray!

I like the variety of options that they have for their food items, and so many that that are gluten free. They don't have a regular gluten free listing, but they have an allergen listing on their website you can reference when ordering. They don't have any gluten free breads, but nothing will stop you from bringing your own bread and ordering items as a plate. The meats come without sauce, so you can choose which way you want your meat. They have an option for a family style plate where you can choose items to share with others. Or you can do your own plate if everyone can't agree on a set of meat or sides. 

Each item is in it's own container so as they dish them out they are limited to only the spoon in their own container. 

They get 4 Dragonflies. I do hope they keep expanding into more markets, their food is tasty, but make sure you're good with some spicy food, because their sauce and sausage has a major kick to it. They don't have any bread options, and you do have to remember to tell them to NOT put the bread on your plate, but otherwise they are great for cross contamination. I look forward to going back.

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