Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Punch Bowl Social Schaumburg Gluten Free Menu

Punch Bowl Social is a franchise restaurant that recently opened in Schaumburg, IL. The downside is they've moved into a jinxed location that has already seen John Barley Corn and Old Crow come and go. But they have been successful in other locales. The owners daughter has Celiac Disease so they have a very understanding and interesting list of options for gluten free Dinning.

I feel the need to break this out step by step, as I left with very mixed feelings on the location as a whole. 

1st - Their decor is retro, and chic. This place has been totally remodeled since it was Barley corn. The drink menu continues with the retro theme, with soda floats and shakes. The menu is more nuevo. More organic and natural options for unique flavors. Gluten free options are marked right on the menu. I asked our server, he was not knowledgeable on the gluten free information, but did go to get me the information. Which made the meal more comfortable. My Gluten Free Grilled cheese came out on a plate, where my boyfriends burger came out in a funny little skillet. 

2nd - Natural sodas! Boylan's soda is what they use for their "floats" and they give you the balance of the bottle to finish with your float. The only turn off is the ice cream in the float tasted a lot like soft serve yogurt, so it had a bit of an odd taste. They didn't give me a spoon or a straw to drink my float. 

3rd - They have a retro fridge which is full of bottles of luke warm water that they bring out to fill your mason jar as a water glass. I'm not a fan of luke warm water that has been sitting uncovered in a fridge for an undisclosed amount of time.....

4th - Games! They have board games, bowling, pin ball machines, live entertainment and karaoke. So it's a great place to try out with friends for a night out, and you can choose from appetizers, entrees and dessert~ 

The staff was very over the top making sure we were doing ok. A little too much that each bite we had to tell someone we were fine, and didn't need anything. Otherwise the food was good. I'd go back with friends if we needed a new or different place to go, but I'm in no hurry to go back.

They also do brunch and smoothies from the juicer. We may go to check out brunch because some of the options were interesting looking.

I give them 3 dragonflies they have great, different options. Their food was Really Tasty. I'd have felt better if the server knew more, and wasn't there to just keep asking me if I had everything I needed. It's a good place to go for a party with a group of friends. I'd go back, but no hurry to visit. I hope they last longer than the previous restaurant. 

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