Thursday, April 10, 2014

American Wildburger Gluten Free Burgers

A new burger place in Des Plaines called American Wildburger opened up last year to local rave reviews. A couple of my friends live in walking distance of this place, and right away informed me, "They do gluten free, you have to check it out!!" Any time I get a shout out from my friends to check out a place, I have to oblige! Heck I can't find all these places on my own. I happened to be in the area, (Mind you this is the town over from me, but I Never, Never go this direction for anything!) so we decided to stop and check it out for lunch. It's a tiny place, off the beaten path. It's an old hotdog stand with 8 seats at a bar for eating. We opted to take our meal to go! 

The entire menu... with gluten free listings.

They have several suggested burger options they have created as signature items. But they also allow you to build your own burger with all your favorite toppings. One of the unique options is a "burger", made of Chicken, Pork and Beef all in one patty. It sounded so good, but was way too much food for lunch. I have to go back and try it for dinner some time! 
See the Gluten Free Under the D in WildBurger? :)
I decided on the Philly Steak burger, on an Udi's gluten free bun, and cheese fries. Looking at their menu they don't fry anything other than french fries, Score!!! The Lady who took my order confirmed I wanted the gluten free bun for an allergy, and shouted it out to the person making the burgers to make sure to keep this separate due to an allergy. Everything was made fresh and was super tasty.

Honestly some days a nice greasy meal sounds so good, and French Fries... How I miss greasy french fries, with cheese!!! My rating for them is 3 dragonflies. I trust that the fries are GF! But I don't know if it was busier how they would handle keeping the GF bun separate with such a small cooking space, even though they do list the gluten free, and advertise it, they may have more protocols in place then I was able to observe waiting for our meal.

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