Thursday, November 12, 2015

Benihana's GF Options Available

Finding a fun and entertaining place to go out to dinner with a group can be a challenge. Especially when you start looking at ethnic cuisine. A couple years ago my brothers girlfriend wanted to go to Benihana’s for her birthday. She called asked a million questions, and found out they have GF soy sauce and could prepare a safe meal…. OK… Now the question is how…. Well that time the server came over and told me they’d make mine in the back in a dedicated Wok and my food would arrive when everyone else was served theirs. 

Benihana’s is a great place for a party or celebration because you do get the cooking show while you wait, and the staff is a blast. Luckily around Chicagoland we have several locations, I’ve been to the Wheeling, Schaumburg and Oakbrook Locations. All with no issues. Our last visit was extra special. When we got there I advised the host I had a “gluten allergy” and he nodded with agreement, not saying there would be an issue. When we were seated I let Jackson our server know I have a “Gluten allergy, and it makes me really sick….” Before I could finish he said “OH I know, my sister has Celiac Disease!” AWESOME!!! 

He assured me my meal would be safe, and advised me that their salad dressing has Soy Sauce in it so he’d bring out vinegar and oil for dressing. Also that their Garlic sauce not the Ginger Sauce was safe too. When it was time to take our orders he asked if everyone was OK with having their meals made with Gluten Free Soy Sauce and regular butter instead of garlic butter. Everyone in our group said they were OK with that. Which meant he could make my meal right in front of us too!! 

We watched the chef Re-Clean the grill for us and showed us the Soy Sauce was safe. Though I did ask like 3 times. Our server also brought out Egg Drop Soup for me in place of the regular soup, since the soup has gluten in it. The whole meal was amazing I didn’t get sick and the staff was very understanding. 

I give them 4 Dragonflies Not only did they deliver an amazing meal, but I got to see the whole thing come together and knew it was as safe as my cooking at home.

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